The Walking Dead; Close My Deal – review


walking dead

The undead are all over mobile gaming, but Telltale’s contribution to the genre is more worthy of attention than most, as they bring their famed point-and-click adventure puzzles to handhelds, with an adaptation of hugely successful TV series The Walking Dead (iPad, App Store, £2.99).

The story runs parallel to the series, putting you in the shoes of murder suspect Lee Everett as he bands together with other desperate souls, with the attention, as on TV, very much on the living. Quick-time events and basic puzzles involving finding and using various objects make up the majority of the gameplay, but much of the enjoyment comes from the engaging story. Strong characters and well-paced narrative make for an engrossing experience, and with decisions made here set to affect subsequent episodes it will be hard to resist shelling out again for later releases.

Close My Deal could come in handy should you find yourself stranded with the diverse cast of characters found in The Walking Dead. Developed by former barrister Clive Rich, it aims to help people with the negotiations that are part of everyone’s life, whether with children over tidying their room or attempting to get a pay rise out of the boss. Accessible as a web app on Apple products, and online, it presents some interesting games to teach the basic art of negotiation, as well as offering advice to improve negotiation style and work out how to offer concessions that will lead to the optimum compromise. It may seem like a dry subject, but there’s advice here that could be helpful to many.