Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 No Sanctuary


The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 No Sanctuary: “The band is back together,” declares Andrew Lincoln of Season 5, which finds the survivors (mostly) reunited at Terminus and feeling… a bit out of sorts. As showrunner Scott M. Gimple notes, “All of these people have had really different journeys to Terminus, and, as a result, they’re different people than they were. It’s decidedly more intense than coming back to high school after summer vacation.” There’s also the small fact that their current hosts are psychopaths with a likely predilection for cannibalism who, in the closing minutes of the finale, locked the gang inside a train car. The premiere picks up a few hours into their ordeal and features “the most intense six minutes” in Walking Dead history, declares Gimple. “It gets very intense very quick, very terrifying very quick.” Beyond the opener, look for Rick and Michonne’s still-platonic relationship to deepen. “The importance of who they are to each other grows, and that emotional intimacy gets developed even more,” says the EP, before quickly adding, “That doesn’t necessarily mean [it will turn into a] romance.” Loosely translated: It doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t!

“The premiere plays with time in some interesting ways,” teases Gimple. “The characters’ storylines crisscross in the timeline.”

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